Education Transformation is a Reality

Is your education technology company addressing the personalized learning trend? Are you providing solutions for the new needs of teachers and education administrators?

Do your current products meet the continuing needs? Do you have additional products ready to market? Are you reaching your target market?

The primary and secondary education classroom is transforming from a theater model with the teacher as performer and students passively absorbing the performance to a personalized, interactive, dynamic learning center with students actively directing their own learning.

Is your education company on top of this evolving trend? Are you marketing products that address the personalized, individual and group learning that is the standard in this blended learning environment?

The opportunities are enormous. Every school and district needs to either buy new education technology programs or upgrade their current programs.

That’s just the start. Many schools need new hardware. Some are building new or remodeling old classrooms to better accommodate the personalized learning environment.

What do administrators need?

Administrators in schools and districts are searching for education technology products that fill their needs. They need…

  • Personalized, professional development programs for teachers on their network.
  • Communication networks that allow teachers, parents, students, and staff to “talk” to one another.
  • Individualized, basic subject computer programs for children ages 5 through 8.
  • Group projects for all students embedded in the learning levels from simple to complex.
  • A database of individual learning projects for children starting at age 6 through high school.
  • A database of real world group projects for children ages 11 through 18.
  • A database of standards lessons teachers can access for their individual students and their groups.
  • A variety of assessment vehicles that teachers can use to measure student achievement.
  • New tools to evaluate teacher effectiveness in the classroom that recognizes a teacher’s new roles.
  • Data assessment programs that help teachers and administrators keep track of student progress in real time and give feedback to students and parents.
  • Data programs for administration that help them assemble reports for all stakeholders.

Assuming you have the products to meet some or all of these needs, do the  administrators in the schools and districts know you have them and know how to find you?

How’s your marketing message working for you?

You and I both know that district and school purchasers are caught between a shrinking budget and greater demand to produce results with the best technology tools. They’re looking for information that shows your product and service as the best solution to meet their growing problems. Plus, they want information that confirms and helps them justify the decision to purchase your product.

How do they find you?

They’ll Google a search term and go to the companies that are listed. So, you need SEO articles on your website with those search terms. You need ads on your Facebook and Twitter pages with those keywords in them and links back to your website. And you need targeted emails that you can send out to administrators that reference the needs they are looking to fulfill–emails that send them to your website information pieces.

What are they willing to read?

Your prospects want to see your website product information articles and your white paper explaining how your product will solve their need. They’ll want proof in your case study that it’s working in a school like theirs. They’ll be looking at your newsletter sharing success at a school using your product. They’ll want to know that you are a solid company with the best service to help them get started with your product and to troubleshoot any problems they may encounter. Your client testimonials will provide this assurance.

You’re the answer to their problems.

What is the most effective way to let them know you can solve their problems?

You do so by providing them with the information to purchase your product for their needs. The best way to do this is contracting with an education industry professional copywriter–one who has the inside knowledge, because he or she has worked as a teacher or administrator in a school of district.

I am that copywriter. I’m a former businessman, a former elementary teacher, a former English as a Second Language teacher, and a professional copywriter who focuses on the education marketplace. With my expertise, I can write the articles, emails, ads, newsletters, case studies, and white papers you need to convince those administrators your product meets their needs. I can make sure your message is reaching your target market.

Provide me your contact information Contact Stefan Andrews  or reach me at stefan@stefanandrewscopywriter.com or text or call at 830-777-7905. I look forward to working with you.