Is your edtech company opening the door to personalized, blended learning?

Do your products provide solutions for the needs of teachers and education administrators? 

Does your marketing message tell them your products solve one of their major problems?

Are you looking at my website because you realize you need an education industry copywriter? One that provides you with lead-gen marketing materials to inform those superintendents and principals that you have the edtech solutions they need?

Are you looking for the professional copywriter who has worked as a teacher in the education industry? Who has proven his ability to write the lead-gen content pieces you need?

Content that includes: social media ads, informational articles, e-mails, sales letters, landing pages, autoresponders and e-newsletters.
Content that will bring in those leads you can turn into clients?

You and I both know that district and school administrators are caught between a shrinking budget and greater demand to produce results. They’re looking for information that shows your edtech product and service as the best solution. They need to fulfill the growing demand for personalized learning for each student. Plus, they want information that confirms and helps them justify the decision to purchase your product.

The opportunities are enormous. Thousands of schools are assessing their needs and shopping for new edtech tools and learning programs to move to personalized learning.

What are school administrators looking for?

Administrators in schools and districts want edtech products that provide …

  • Personalized, professional development, on demand video demos for teachers.
  • Communication networks for teachers, parents, students, and staff to “talk” to one another (SIS).
  • Specific subject computer programs for children for primary schools.
  • Group projects for all students embedded in each learning level.
  • A database of state standards lessons or common core state standards lessons teachers can teach individual students or groups.
  • A Learning Management System (LMS) to measure student achievement, evaluate teacher effectiveness , provide assessment that keeps track of student progress in real time, give feedback to students and parents, and help administrators assemble reports for all stakeholders.

You may  have the products to meet some or all of these needs. But how do the administrators in the schools and districts know you have them?  And how do they know how to find you?

You need ads on your Facebook and Twitter pages with keywords in them and links back to your website. You need targeted emails that you can send out to administrators that reference the needs they are looking to fulfill–emails that send them to your website to sign up for your special report or case study. In short, you need a full court press Lead-Gen Campaign.

What do superintendents read?

Articles that address their needs. Product information pages. A white paper explaining how your product will solve their needs. Proof in your case study that your product is working in a school like theirs. Your e-newsletter sharing student success at a school using your product.

They’ll want to know that you will partner with them and provide the best training to help them get started with your product and to troubleshoot any problems . Your written and posted client testimonials will provide this assurance.

All You Need to Do…

Provide them with the answers they are looking for in the informational content you send them in your promotional campaigns. Convince them your product personalizes their student’s education.

The best way to do this is contract with an education industry professional copywriter, like me–who understands your target market, because I worked as a teacher in both rural and suburban schools in four states and one foreign country.

With my expertise, I can write the lead-gen campaigns with articles, emails, ads, e-newsletters, case studies, and white papers you need. With that content, you’ll convince those school and district administrators your product meets their needs. With your product, they’ll provide their students with a blended learning school.

Schedule my time to work on your edtech lead-gen marketing campaign. You can  contact me  or reach me at stefan@stefanandrewscopywriter.com or text or call at 830-777-7905. I look forward to working with you.