Personalized, Blended Learning Models Need the Education Industry Technology Companies to Provide Solutions

Administrators Are Seeking Solutions

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Parents and businesses are demanding better results from their schools. And they ought to. Why should their children be stuck in a factory model learning environment designed to produce worker bees for the factories of the late 19th and first half of the 20th centuries? We need to bust that model now!

What we really need is a personalized, blended learning model that produces innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, leaders, thinkers, and other dynamic individuals that can step into the businesses of the technological revolution and run with them. These graduates of the blended learning model can lead the charge to solve societal and business problems from the local level to the international level.

Education technology  businesses need to seize the moment to support the personalized, blended learning movement so that it grows quickly and dethrones the outmoded traditional learning model.

Support Personalized, Blended Learning Education to Provide Solutions

As blended learning models take hold, districts and schools will be banging on your doors for your cutting-edge programs supporting their personalized and group projects within the rotational, flex, flipped, and a la carte models of blended learning. Here is just a quick list of the products they will likely be looking for:

  • A database of best practices teaching videos that teachers can access for professional development.
  • Learning Levels are replacing grades. A database of standards assigned to these new learning levels needs to be created. The Common Core State Standards or separate state standards all need to be set up.
  • A database of standards lessons designed to be learned in a group setting or taught by the teacher to a group requesting the lesson.
  • A database of projects utilizing subjects across the curriculum need to be created for each learning level for individual students and student groups to work on. Projects naturally teach students to use the standards in real settings.
  • A database of oral questions for teachers to use in determining whether students have mastered the concept application of the learning level standards.
  • Short answer and essay question computer tests for students to show their mastery before exiting each learning level.
  • Entry tests to determine which learning level each child needs to start at.
  • Training courses for the children (taught by teachers):
    • How to work in groups.
    • How to set and achieve goals.
    • How to create and follow plans to achieve goals.
    • How to work in a group including group roles.
    • How to lead a group.
    • How to work alone on projects.
  • Training courses for the teachers:
    • How to implement and run the station rotation blended learning model.
    • How to transition to the flex blended learning model from the station rotation model.
    • How and when to use the flipped blended learning model.
    • How to use the professional development program provided by the district.
  • Thousands of specific subject courses that curious children can access for individual learning. These would be from the simple (younger ages) to the complex (older ages).
  • Courses in basic subjects that teachers would teach to groups needing the information.
  • Courses in more advanced subjects like literature, histories, politics, advanced math, leadership, working with others, etc.
  • Courses in character building including integrity, honesty, caring for others, service, etc.
  • Database administrative management software for teachers and administrators and training on how to use them.

These are just a few of the technology programs administrators and teachers will need with the personalized, blended learning model in the schools.

Education companies can become the solution school administrators are looking for. All it takes is the right product and the right marketing message to get your solution into the hands of your prospects.

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